Acrylic LGP

Short Description:

  • Product name: light guide panel, LGP
  • Brand: kingsign
  • Raw material: 100% virgin of Mitsubishi
  • Process: Nano or laser dot
  • MOQ: 2000kg
  • Service: custom cut
  • Shipping port: Shanghai
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    Product name: Acrylic light guide panel , acrylic LGP ;

    Raw material:100% virgin Lucite or Mitsubishi PMMA;

    Thickness:2-12mm for laser dot acrylic light guide panel ;  2-20mm for crylic light guide panel;

    Common size: 1270×1870, 1260×2480mm for acrylic nano light guide panel ; 300×300, 600×600, 600×1200mm for laser dot acrylic light guide panel  ; (Special sizes can be customized);


    1. No dot matrix light guiding technology: no need to carry out any dot, grid design and processing on the surface of the light guide plate, which greatly improves the production efficiency;

    2. diffuse reflection principle: high light conversion rate, uniform light effect, soft, not glare;

    3. Stable performance: The light-guide material is independently developed and produced. It adopts pure MMA monomer casting and assembly line production, and controls the stability of product quality from the source to ensure the consistent performance of each batch of products;

    4. break through the limitations of the traditional light guide: can be cut into any shape, can be hot-bent, can be used together;

    5. indoor and outdoor can be applied, non-extreme use environment, almost no attenuation of optical performance, service life of up to 8-10 years;

    6. natural double-sided light guide, can be used on one side or on both sides, such as double-sided use is more cost-effective;

    7. can use any point source, line source for surface light source conversion, the source includes LED, lamp, laser, etc.;

    8. can be stocked, easy to control losses, improve the overall utilization of the original board.

    light guide panel

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