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    Acrylic chemical name PMMA, also known as acrylic or plexiglass, belongs to the class of propylene alcohol. It is widely used in outdoor advertising and outdoor decoration, such as urban areas, because it has excellent light transmittance, is not brittle and has good weather resistance compared with glass. A variety of luminous acrylic characters, light boxes, signboards, neon lights, etc.

  In recent years, Acrylic has become popular in the home furnishing field, such as the surface of the home, bathtubs, bookshelves, supermarket wooden showcases, and cabinets made of acrylic, acrylic aquarium tank.
  timg_副本   According to the introduction of the industry, compared with glass, ordinary plastics and other materials, the light transmission performance of acrylic sheet is over 95%, the plasticity is easy to process, and it is not easy to damage. It is a new type of material that can completely replace glass. Acrylic can be quickly at home. One reason for the popularity is that it is easy to dye and has a beautiful appearance. Currently, there are more than 40 types of acrylic materials, which are much higher than glass.
    Acrylic materials have unique advantages in the field of home. Now many sanitary wares are made of acrylic materials, such as acrylic basins, bathtubs, toilets, not only beautiful, durable, but also environmentally friendly, its radiation The degree of radiation is similar to that of the human body’s own bones.
    Combining the advantages of acrylics above, acrylic materials will become more and more widely used in home applications.

Post time: Apr-12-2019
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