Acrylic Tube Application And Precautions

   Acrylic  tube is actually a thermoplastic, the scientific name polymethyl methacrylate, which is also called plexiglass because it has the same transparency as glass.
  The specific production method of acrylic, the materials used, as non-professionals, we do not need to know so much, we only need to know that it has good light transmission, flame resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance It has the advantages of lightness, high temperature, high strength, easy processing and easy coloring. It is widely used in aviation, automobiles, ships, lighting, electronics, optical instruments, instruments, medical instruments, Building materials, stationery and other fields. Because of its many advantages, there is a more vivid title called “transparent stainless steel.” As one of the most widely used materials, the application of acrylic in the field of medical devices should be the most concerned and need to pay attention. After all, medical devices act directly or indirectly on the human body, which we also come into contact with in our daily lives.

Acrylic tube
   The strength of acrylic itself is relatively high, and the tensile and impact resistance is 7 to 18 times that of ordinary glass. After professional heat treatment and stretching treatment, the toughness of the material can be significantly improved. It has a crystal-clear and translucent luster after polishing, and is therefore widely used in the manufacture of medical containers, transparent covers for medical equipment, sight glasses and surgical instruments. Acrylic is easy to process, not only can be cut and drilled on a lathe, but also can be bonded into various shapes of vessels with organic solvents such as acetone and chloroform. It can also be used for blow molding and injection. Plastic molding methods such as extrusion are made into various medical products, ranging from medical equipment covers to dental products such as dentures and dental trays. Studies have shown that acrylic can be compatible with human tissues, harmless to human body, good light transmission, stable chemical properties, easy to process into the desired shape, so it is also used to make artificial cornea.

Acrylic tube for medicine
    We have some preliminary understanding of the characteristics of acrylic and some applications in the field of medical devices. What do we need to pay attention to in the operation of acrylic  products?
1. Prevent mechanical damage and prevent all kinds of sharp objects and hard objects from directly acting on the surface of acrylic, causing serious irregular scratches or deep block damage, thereby damaging the surface and internal tissues.
2. Control the ambient temperature to prevent excessive thermal expansion and softening deformation.
3. To prevent pressure damage, symmetrically tighten the fixing bolts during assembly to make it evenly stressed, and do not knock or force installation.
4. Prevent damage to the organic solution during wiping. With the rapid development of the economy, the continuous expansion of urban construction, and the continuous advancement of science and technology, in the future, acrylic  will also show strong competitiveness in more application fields.

Post time: Apr-16-2019
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