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Company Profile

KINGSING ACRYLIC is the Kingsign International (China) Limited investment in Shanghai, the establishment of an export-oriented and domestic sales, supplemented by a comprehensive sales company, exporting a variety of acrylic sheet, tube, pipe, and undertake various international large-scale aquarium and swimming pool projects.

After the company engaged in aquarium, swimming pool and landscape engineering, it independently developed acrylic adhesives, which were applied to plate bonding, super-thick plates and maintenance, thus pushing the products to a new level. The newly created seamless splicing acrylic tunnel, high-altitude swimming pool (transparent), and proficient in the splicing of circular and arc-shaped seams, the docking of super-thick plates.

We supply flat panels, forming & bending of curved panels, bonding, annealing & local, as well as international installation.
KINGSIGN currently offers one of the largest monolithic (unbonded) cast acrylic block sizes, being“11500mm x 3000mm and 8100 x 3700mm”.
KINGSIGN have an extensive technical support with over 30 years of KINGSIGN acrylic block fabrication & installation.
KINGSIGN have a very strict permissible level of inclusions/defects where KINGSIGN has a KPI of supplying the highest optical finish.
Thickness tolerances / planarity are according to the ISO standard.
KINGSIGN have less than 1% content residual monomer, resulting from our raw material (MMA) curing process . Residual monomer at higher levels can in a reasonably short time, discolour the panel in the ultra-violets (UV).

Our product: All kinds of Acrylic sheet, acrylic window, acrylic tunnel, acrylic marine hall, acrylic aquarium, acrylic swimming pool, acrylic fish tank, acrylic semi-finished processing parts, acrylic bonding acrylic glue, curved acrylic sheet.

Our technical ability: Extra thick and large acrylic sheet, original seamless splicing technology, extra thick plate superposition technology.

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