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Service & Support

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.We look forward to hearing from you.

  • After-Sales service
  • Logistics
  • Payment Account
  • Suggestion&Complaints

■ Quality Guarantee

Thanks very much for buying our top-quality products.“Dedicated To customers Service”is our service objective, and we promise that we provide the best quality, most efficient, and most low consumption after-sales service to all of our customers who set up cooperation with us in order to ensure the rights and interests of customers. We guarantee that all products are from original manufacture by Kingsign Acrylic, we provide quality warranty and online free technical support.
■ Warranty
We set up after-sales department, which is responsible for the after-sales service, technology consultant and so on. We guarantee that our engineer can provide all kinds of technical service to customers any time. We solve technical problems and help customers operate Kingsign acrylic product by Phone, Email and all kinds of possible service ways. Our technical staff make follow-up feedback in time.
■ After-sales Service
Throughout the use period, the company shall ensure the proper operation of the product and give response in 24 hours after receiving the maintenance requirement from the user.

Our after-sales service contact information as follows,

Email: info@shkingsign.com

Tel: +86-021-59570209

Mobile: +86-15921208762 (24 hours)

■ Delivery Method

1. Express delivery
2. Air Delivery
3. Sea Shipping
4. Kingsign Logistics fleet
Dear customers, thank you very much for Long view our website, trust our products. For customers outside the Shanghai area, we will adopt the first three shipping methods for you delivered your goods purchased.
■ Delivery time
1. After a successful order, by telephone or email will inform you of the way trade is expected arrival time.
2. Our delievry time is based upon the timely payment of your calculated time, in order for you to receive your products as quickly as possible, please make timely payments.
3. Timely delivery, please leave accurate detail address and valid contact information on the order.
4. Large shipments every day, we will set up as soon as possible after the order goods through warehouses,, logistics or express normally delivery need10-15 days (depending on your location )delivered to your designated location.

To all customers, we hereby certify that follow bank details It is the only receiving account designated by SHANGHAI Kingsign International Trade Co.,Ltd. Other accounts in any form and under any circumstances are invalid without our confirmation.
Bank Transfer Information,
Bank name: Bank of China Shanghai Branch Jiading Subbranch Anting Office
Bank adress: Moyu Road 42,Anting, Shanghai P.R.China
Swift code: BKCHCNBJ300
Beneficiary: Shanghai Kingsign International Trade co.,Ltd
Beneficiary address: Room 613, No. 28 Moyu road, Anting town, Jiading district, Shanghai, China
A/C no.: 442975412973 (USD)
437780159697 (EUR)


At the same time, kingsign hereby certifiy that kingpin international (china) co., Limited are the head company of shanghai kingsign international trade co.,Ltd, shanghai kingsign international trade co.,Ltd has appointed kingpin international (china) co., Limited as an authorized company for receiving all international remittance.

Bank Transfer Information,
Bank name: hsbc
Bank adress: 1’Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Bank code:004
Beneficiary: Kingpin International (China) Co., Limited
Beneficiary address: Room 2105, Trend Centre, 29-31 Cheung Lee Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
A/C NO.: 801265539838

Dear Customer,
Welcome to Kingsign Complaint Center.
Whether you are our distributors, customers, partners or working , you can here the problems in the process of cooperation complaint, we will follow you to provide contact informationwithin a business day with you.
Contact: Ms Jenny
Email: jenny@shkingsign.com
Wechat: Jenny-Tang
You can also call our complaint telephone contact us directly!
Phone: +61-415999843

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