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Kingsign Acrylic is the Kingsign plastic U.S.A (Kingsign plastics INC.) and the H.K. Kingsign international(China) Capital investment in Shanghai, China set up a predominantly acrylic materials, main products are high quality level acrylic sheet, tube, rod, the design of the extra large acrylic swimming pool window, aquarium fish tank, extra large acrylic tunnel board, supply and installation; Design, manufacture and installation of large-scale acrylic materials scene application.

Kingsign Acrylic will operate both domestic and international services in mainland China, with HK Kingsign International(China) company And U.S.A. Kingsign Plastics INC., both in the U.S., launching international services. Take the domestic and export two roads, the sales market throughout the domestic and foreign, well-known at home and abroad.

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