Diffuser acrylic sheet

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  • Product name: acrylic diffuse sheet
  • Brand: kingsign
  • Raw material: 100% virgin of Mitsubishi
  • Process: extruded
  • MOQ: 2000kg
  • Shipping port: Shanghai
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    Raw material: 100% virgin of Mitsubishi ;

    Thickness: 1.2/1.5/2mm for normal ,other thickness also can custom made ;

    Color: white;

    Product number: KS-diffuser ;

    Size: 1220*2440mm , 1200*1200mm ,other size can cut for you ;

    Light Transmission: Normally 90%、85%、80%、76%、60%, can tailor to customer’s requirements ;

    Appearance: 1,Double sides matt 2,One side matt, another side smooth; 3,one side matt, another side orange peel texture;












    Acrylic diffuser enable high efficiency extraction of light from a luminaire without sacrificing performance. Transmission well in excess of 90% is typical, and luminaire dependent efficiency can be even higher.

    2.Light source hiding ability

    Acrylic diffusers offer outstanding hiding of LED and fluorescent light sources, with excellent color mixing. The diffusers solve the most difficult LED hiding problems while maintaining excellent efficiency.

    3.Increases light uniformity throughout the lighting diffuser;

    4.Simplify design consideration for new fixtures and for retrofit conversions to LED’s;

    5.Choose the best option for different fixtures’ performance requirements.


    Market research showed a need for diffuser sheet with different levels of light diffusion to meet various fixture performance requirements. “Some designs, for example, may want a low level of diffusion to soften the edges of emitted light. Others may need more light diffusion to reduce direct glare. Also, variables such as the LED-to-lens distance and the LED matrix spacing affect the optimal light diffusion. While diffusion and light transmission are directly associated, having these diffusion options allows the light fixture designer the ability to achieve the lighting qualities they desire for a specific fixture.”

    Kingsign LED Lighting diffuser with different levels of light diffusion offer more possibility to design versatility, it simply mean more possibilities to find a diffuser that works best in the overall design, This is important especially when converting existing fixtures to LED lighting, where the diffusing sheet has to work well with design elements that already exist.”

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