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Hotel infinity transparent swimming pool


When choosing a hotel for travel, what many friends care about most is to see if there is a swimming pool; especially the infinity pool, one can soak in the water to cool off, and the other is to make a fashion blockbuster that stunning the circle of friends; these infinity pools are simply The most sultry dream of summer!
In fact, one method of the principle of infinity pool is that in ordinary swimming pools, according to the perspective of people’s vision, the outermost side of the infinity pool is lowered and hidden behind it, whether you are standing by the infinity pool or on the second floor. You can’t see the roof of the building;

Another method is to use transparent acrylic material to make a borderless transparent swimming pool, and use the high light transmittance of acrylic material to combine with the water body inside the swimming pool, so that the boundary is cleverly hidden. The second method is widely used in infinity swimming pools of leisure resort hotels, private villas and high-end clubs because of its gorgeous visual effects and excellent safety performance;

For example, we see the case of the acrylic transparent infinity pool in the picture; instead of the traditional swimming pool, the acrylic board with a length of 25 meters and a height of 1.7 meters and a thickness of 200 mm is used instead of the traditional swimming pool. Let the swimming pool achieve the seemingly edgeless effect.

Located on the top of the city, during the day, clouds float slowly with the wind. The transparent acrylic infinity pool is as pure as crystal; the blue sky and white clouds are reflected, as if the entire sky is packed into this infinity pool; The vibrant park and the panoramic view of the city skyline integrate itself with the reflection of the sky and white clouds, forming an aqua-blue illusion, which makes people feel as if the swimming pool is floating in the air; at night, leaning on the edge of the transparent acrylic infinity pool , Looking down is another lively night scene with bright lights.

Acrylic transparent infinity pool is the most dazzling star in modern architectural design. It is no longer just a carrier for people to swim, but also creates a leisure and tranquil atmosphere. Acrylic transparent infinity swimming pool with its irreproducible charm is widely used in leisure resort hotels, private villas and high-end clubs.

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