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Precautions for purchasing acrylic fish tank


When purchasing an acrylic fish tank, pay attention to whether the surface of the fish tank has scratches, scratches, nodules, vortexes, surface shrinkage marks (especially at the corners), cracks, pitting, mildew, alkali stains, water stains, and the middle of the plate. No bubbles and foreign impurities.

Regarding how to maintain the acrylic fish tank, what we most often say is that you can't directly use a brush. So how can I care if I can't use a brush?
Cleaning: For general dust treatment, it can be directly rinsed with water or cleaned with a damp cloth, and then wiped with a soft cloth. If the surface is oily, you can add water with a soft detergent and scrub it with a soft cloth.

Waxing: To make the acrylic fish tank bright and bright, you can use liquid polishing wax and wipe it evenly with a soft cloth to achieve the goal.
Polishing: If the product is scratched or the surface is not severely worn, you can try to use a polishing machine (or car waxer) to install a cloth wheel, dip an appropriate amount of liquid polishing wax, and evenly polish it to improve.

How to choose a filter system
Generally, because large acrylic fish tanks have a larger water body than ordinary household fish tanks, they need to be equipped with a corresponding life-saving system. In fact, whether it is a small fish tank for household use or a large water body in an aquarium, a series of equipment is required to achieve the purpose of maintaining various signs of life.

The life-sustaining system of a large acrylic fish tank is generally composed of a circulatory system, a sterilization system and a biochemical system. Each system forms a whole with each other, and jointly treats the waste generated by fish survival. For different fish and aquatic organisms, the configuration of the life-sustaining system is very different. It is necessary to design a suitable life-sustaining system according to the life characteristics and survival needs of different organisms. system.

Large-scale acrylic fish tanks are highly specialized and must be farmed by professional units such as aquariums. The relevant life-saving system investment is quite large, and at the same time, it also requires high professional knowledge. Common life-saving equipment in the aquarium includes protein separators, ozone generators, biochemical filters, activated carbon filters and other equipment

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