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Acrylic underwater tunnel takes you to the bottom of the water


Want to experience the colorful underwater world up close? Come and take a look at the Underwater World of the Mekong River in Xishuangbanna. This is a virtual panoramic immersive aquarium built with the Mekong River aquatic animals and tropical rain forest as the core.
There is a beautiful acrylic underwater tunnel
The 270° viewing surface gives you a panoramic view of all kinds of elves and weird fishes at the bottom of the Lancang River-the Mekong River, as if you are in the magical dream kingdom of elves.
The music rhythm in the jellyfish maze perfectly matches the jellyfish’s swimming frequency. It uses high technology to combine with the jellyfish to change different colors. Each small jellyfish has only 6 months of life, but in this short period of time, it retains the best. I gave it to you to create a beautiful world of jellyfish.
Walking in it, the horizon is transparent and clear, as if oneself and the underwater world have been integrated, which is really due to the crystal-like transparency of acrylic.

Of course, the good toughness, weather resistance, chemical stability, and ease of processing of acrylic materials have also created such a vast underwater tunnel project. For example, the arc-shaped plate of the underwater tunnel of the aquarium needs to be customized into various angles such as 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees, and the aquarium performance window needs to be customized into different creative shapes.

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