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Infinity Pool Design and Infinity Pool Wall Choosing


The design and choosing materials are very important steps for the swimming pool, and good materials is possibly the main reason to be good pool case.


In fact, there is no specific definition for the shape design. Now we often see: rectangles, squares, circles, semi-circles, stars, and irregular shapes. Actually, we only need to combine the site conditions and the designer's concept to create a different infinity pool impression.


Pool wall materials determines the style of the swimming pool to some extent, pool wall is also one of the important parts of swimming pool landscape creation. The material application of the swimming area is mainly reflected in the pool wall, pool bottom, capstone, and surrounding platforms. At present, the most common used materials for swimming pool walls and bottoms are ceramic finishing materials, because of their stable performance, rich colors, and avoiding the limitations of natural stone (such as pan-alkali). The price is reasonable and the effect is acceptable to the designer.


Similarly, in order to better show the 'infinity' for an infinity pool, the designer will also choose one or several sides to choose transparent acrylic sheets as the pool wall, because the acrylic pool wall not only better reflect the core of infinity pool, but also make the swimming pool covered with a mysterious color under the pool lights match.


Infinity swimming pool

Acrylic swimming pool

Pool design

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