Acrylic tunnel

Short Description:

  • Product name: acrylic tunnel
  • Brand: kingsign
  • Raw material: 100% virgin of Mitsubishi
  • Process: Splicing, hot bending
  • MOQ: 1 piece
  • Shipping port: Shanghai
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Raw material: 100% virgin of Mitsubishi

    Thickness: 60-300mm

    Color: Transparent(93% transparency)

    Product number: KS-tank

    Size: Processed by acrylic sheet , any size can custom produce according to your drawing .


    Raw material: 100% virgin of Mitsubishi ;
    Thickness: 20-300mm one time casting, 300-800mm mm Multi-plate composite overlay ;
    Color: Transparent(93% transparency);

             Size             Thickness

    1300*2500mm     20-70mm

    1350*2650mm     20-100mm

    1450*2700mm      20-100mm

    1600*2600mm      20-100mm

    1650*3150mm      20-100mm

    2200*3200mm      20-110mm

    1650*3500mm      30-100mm

    2750*4250mm      30-130mm

    1800*5000mm      30-150mm

    2100*5500mm      30-150mm

    3000*6200mm      50-250mm

    3000*6700mm      50-250mm

    3000*8200mm      80-250mm

    3000*8700mm      80-250mm

    3000*11500mm    100-250mm

    3700*8100mm      120-300mm

    Any other size can custom production or cutting by our seamless stitching or bond techniques .

    Our product: 

    All kinds of Acrylic sheet, acrylic window, acrylic tunnel, acrylic marine hall, acrylic aquarium, acrylic swimming pool, acrylic fish tank, acrylic semi-finished processing parts, acrylic bonding acrylic glue, curved acrylic sheet

    Our technical ability: 

    Extra thick and large acrylic sheet, original seamless splicing technology, extra thick plate superposition technology.

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