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KINGSIGN ACRYLIC is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of advertising acrylic products in Shanghai, China, invested by Kingsign International (China) Limited, working on the design, manufacturing,sales of acrylic aquarium products. All Kingsign advertising acrylic is produced by 100% pure virgin Mitsubishi MMA materials. 
Advertising acrylic is the name of all acrylic sheets, tube, rods, which application mostly happen at adverting fields, but advertising is not the only application. Here, you’ll find the most comprehensive acrylic products category. In acrylic sheet, we divide advertising acrylic sheet, acrylic tube, acrylic rod into detailed subclass according to different application, shape, and surface finished.
Kingsign is rooted in the advertising acrylic filed with more than 17 years, with SGS,ISO,FDA,CE etc.certification qualification. Time is gold for both us, so we have professional team work and production line can make nice quality in short time . The quality is kingsign's life as production principle, we use 100% virgin Mitsubishi raw material. About after sales service, reply within 2 hours, service with 24 hours. 
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Acrylic Swirl Rod

Acrylic Swirl Rod

Acrylic swirl rod manufactured by casting production, 100% virgin Mitsubishi raw material. Customized different swirl and customized patterns. It has good processing performance, for decoration and art crafts designs.

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