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How To Perform Acrylic Processing?


Acrylic products are widely used in different occupations. In our daily life, acrylic products are also everywhere. In recent years, acrylic processing skills are constantly innovating and improving. How do you perform acrylic processing?

Acrylic processing generally selects a laser incision method that can sensitively cut acrylic raw materials and cut into different shapes. It can be cut into different words and drawings according to customer‘s requirements, and it can also be made into different furniture. In addition, laser cutting of acrylic raw materials can also make different logos and trademarks, which can play a role in publicity in the advertising profession.

Acrylic processing often uses punching treatment methods. Acrylic itself has good processing characteristics. Laser cutting machine is used for punching, which can achieve very high precision punching. Picture planning on the computer is required before punching. Then, after laser cutting and starting, according to the planning scheme, it is very important to process and punch the acrylic , and it is very important to plan well in advance, which can reduce the appearance of bad finished products.

Acrylic processing can use the hot bending production and processing skills. After heating to a certain temperature, the acrylic melts. It can use the heating to shape the acrylic, and can complete different shapes of acrylic products. The hot bending skills can be completed by different methods. Generally, the hot bending machine and the shapings are used for hot bending processing, and the viewpoint of the hot bending can complete the viewpoint control according to the adjustment of the mold, thereby completing the acrylic product of various forms to meet customer’s needs.