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The Precautions Use Of Acrylic Swimming Pool.


The precautions use of acrylic swimming pool as following

1. Acrylic swimming pool can not exist in the same place as other organic solvents with bright and colorless liquids.
2. Do not touch organic solvents. Once you touch the exterior of the acrylic swimming pool, it may be damaged.
3. During the transportation process of the acrylic swimming pool project, do not rub the outer protective film or protective paper. Due to the complexity of the transportation process, it is easy to affect the internal materials of the acrylic swimming pool.
4. The use temperature of the acrylic swimming pool should not exceed 85 degrees Celsius.
5. When cleaning the acrylic swimming pool, only use soapy water, use a soft cotton cloth dipped in soapy water, and do not rub or dry with a hard object, otherwise the acrylic swimming pool looks easy to scratch.

Features of Acrylic Swimming Pool as following:
1. Durability: The acrylic swimming pool project has outstanding protection for the built-in light source and increases the application period of the light source product.

2. Weather resistance: The panel is coated with high-concentration UV absorber metal base sprayed with imported automotive paint, which can maintain long-lasting resistance and never fade. The service life is 5~8 years.

3. Impact resistance: 200 times that of glass products, there is almost no risk of breakage.

4. Energy-saving: good light transmission performance, correspondingly reduce light source products, save electricity, reduce operating costs.