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The Performance of Large Acrylic Fish Tank.


1. The large acrylic fish tank is extremely shock-resistant, 16 times that of ordinary material glass, and has a longer service life than ordinary common material fish tanks.

2. Generally, the glass aquarium has a relatively heavy weight. The large acrylic fish tank has a light weight. The weight of the large acrylic fish tank is 1/2 of the weight of the glass fish tank. The large fish tank can be made into many shapes, and the viewing effect is more beautiful.

3.Large acrylic fish tanks have high corrosion resistance and long using life.

4. The shape of the acrylic sheet changes greatly, the plasticity is stronger, and the processing is easier.

5. Compared with ordinary glass fish tanks, large acrylic fish tanks have excellent weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance, and are more insulating.

6.Acrylic sheet has excellent light transmission, up to 95%, and the large acrylic fish tank has less light intensity, which can save power.