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The Methods Of Processing Acrylic Tube.


Acrylic tube processing and manufacturing methods as following:
1. Hot pressing method 

After heating the acrylic sheet, it is hot pressed in the mold. The handicrafts made by this type of appearance have the characteristics of fullness, curved circulation, strong three-dimensionality and relief. The hot stamping die can be shaped by wood and sludge, and then the cast lead and gypsum materials are used as the male and female molds, and the acrylic can be pressed and formed after heating.

2.Vertical grinding method

After sticking the stick-shaped acrylic or the thick plate-shaped plexiglass, it is directly ground and polished on the grinding wheel. The crafts made by this method are similar to some kind of sculptures, and they have a unique artistic image.

3. Mosaic method

Cut the acrylic blocks of different colors into the required geometric figures and inlay them on the bottom plate. This method requires close splicing, sharp competition, and can receive intense color, but it also has a seamless effect.

4. Broken grinding method

The plate-shaped acrylic  stacks are stacked together, and then the cross-section is directly formed. The crafts made by this method can be changed in color.The above methods can be used interchangeably, and the best method is determined according to the artistic needs of the exterior planning.