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How to clean the swimming pool


1.Copper sulfate should be added to the swimming pool. Generally, the addition amount is 1-2 times that of ordinary times. This is because there are few algae in the water at ordinary times, and there are a large number of algae after the water turns green. Therefore, sufficient algicide (copper sulfate) must be added to fully kill algae. After adding algae killing agent (copper sulfate), open the water circulation system of the swimming pool to make the agent as uniform as possible in the water, so as to achieve the best algae killing effect.

2. After about 2 hours, add trichloroisochloroacid disinfectant to the swimming pool;, and add it according to the standard of no 1000 cubic meters of water plus 4kg (usually add 2kg of water per 1000 cubic meters), which is what we usually call impact treatment or super chlorine treatment, so as to fully sterilize and disinfect the water in the swimming pool

3. After about another 2 hours, the PH value of the water of the swimming pool is detected. Generally, after rain or the use of trichloroisochloroacid disinfectant, the PH value of the water will be low. Therefore, as long as the adjustment squeeze to improve the pH value is used, the pH value of the water can be improved. The holiday amount is calculated by adding 10kg per 1000 cubic meters of water, which can be increased by 1 degree. It is best to adjust the pH value to 7.5.

4. In the evening, add precipitant in the amount of 5-8KG per 1000 cubic meters of water to the swimming pool, so that the killed fine algae and other suspended solids in the water can be precipitated to the bottom of the tank for easy cleaning.

5. The next day, suck the sediment from the bottom of the swimming pool with a sewage suction machine, and the swimming pool will become clean.