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How to choose a good aquarium tank


1.Watch the capacity of the aquarium tank
Generally, when buying an aquarium, you must consider how many fish you need to raise. Too few fish use too large aquarium, which will cause a waste of resources, while too many fish use too small aquarium, and the survival rate of fish is not high. In addition, the number of fish depends on the size of the fish. This is an important idea for choosing aquarium

2.Watch the inner wall of the aquarium tank then we can touch the inner wall of the aquarium with our hands. The glass of the aquarium should be thick and sound proof. Of course, such an aquarium is more expensive. Suitable for raising more expensive fish. If your fish is just ordinary goldfish, start with a general aquarium.

3.The aquarium tank should not be too deep

Generally, when we look at the aquarium with the same bottom area, we should try to choose one that is not very high. If the aquarium is too high, the water pressure will be very high, which is bad for the health of fish. In addition, if aquatic plants are planted in the lower layer, the aquarium is too deep, which will cause insufficient illumination for underwater plant