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How to distinguish the quality of acrylic sheet


There are so many brands of acrylic products on the market, how can we distinguish between good and bad? Let us learn from the following methods:
1. Observation method
You can observe whether the acrylic surface has faded or the gloss is not high, and you can also see whether the acrylic sheet manual is consistent with the deed material, so as to judge whether it is a regular material.
2. Combustion method
You can take a small piece of acrylic for burning. If it burns quickly, it means that the quality of acrylic is unqualified.
3. Light transmission method
White light can be used to pass through the acrylic sheet. A good-quality acrylic sheet has a high light transmittance, and it is white after passing through. If it is yellow or blue, it means that the quality is not good.
4. Pasting method
Two acrylic plates can be combined together. Acrylics with poor quality are difficult to separate after being melted. Acrylics with good quality are easy to separate. Therefore, through this experiment, the quality of acrylic plates can be distinguished.

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