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What are the advantages of using acrylic fish tanks?


Under normal circumstances, most of the fish culture containers we use are glass aquariums, which look beautiful and atmospheric. But there is an equally transparent fish culture container, which is also born-acrylic fish tank. Acrylic fish tank is actually a kind of plexiglass, and it also has higher transparency. I think that thing is actually more like a plastic fish tank. What is the difference between a glass fish tank and an acrylic fish tank? In fact, the difference between these two materials is still very big.
A trustworthy fish tank can meet most of your needs. It allows light to pass through freely, and any turbulence of the water waves is unreservedly displayed. There is no deviation in the color of the ornamental fish, and even the delicate texture on each fish scale is clearly visible.
But poor quality fish tanks are like aging flowers. They are beautiful and pleasing in bloom, and their color will be dim and even lose their beauty after withering.
The fish tank is not a fast-moving consumer, but over time, minor problems will arise. Fish tanks with good materials and workmanship are more expensive than ordinary fish tanks. The daily use experience is much better than ordinary fish tanks, and the use time is a little longer. Who doesn't want to buy a real fish tank for someone who has kept fish for a long time?
There are two popular fish tank materials in the market, acrylic fish tank and super white fish tank. Acrylic is a little cheaper, but the price of super white is higher. The price level is vividly demonstrated in the user experience.
Acrylic is a fish tank material strongly recommended by many articles. It has the characteristics of light weight, good light transmission, strong plasticity, and resistance to breakage. If you are looking for such a fish tank material, acrylic fish tank is a good choice.
In actual use, you may rarely mention its high quality, because the following shortcomings will make people feel that it is not worth the money.
The fatal disadvantage of acrylic is that it is prone to scratches. Use an algae scraper to clean the algae on the wall of the fish tank, which will leave tiny marks on the wall. These traces cannot be repaired, and they remain on the wall of the tank for a long time and increase continuously, which seriously affects the ornamental value.
Aging is another unacceptable defect. Acrylic is a type of plexiglass. The essential difference between acrylic and ordinary glass lies in the material.
The aging speed of acrylic is much faster than ordinary glass, and the aging acrylic glass turns yellow and becomes brittle. Fragile means easy to break. So cracking is the third defect, especially for large fish tanks.
Acrylic is originally corrosion-resistant, but water and alkali will accumulate on the cylinder wall at the surface of the water, forming white patches. If you choose a sea tank, this phenomenon is more obvious. So the question is, on the premise of not scratching the cylinder wall, what method do you plan to use to remove the frequently occurring water and alkali?
Acrylic has strong plasticity and is the main material for hot bending cylinders. But also for this reason, it is also easy to deform. If you don't do Lajin, it may deform after a few years. But you have to make sure that you have been using the same fish tank for several years to have such troubles.

Everything has two sides. Although the ultra-white cylinder is heavier than the gram and is easier to break, it has a good light transmission effect and can show the rich light, shadow and color of the water scene, so it will be more enjoyable.

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