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What you need to know before buying an acrylic fish tank


Can acrylic be used as a fish tank? Yes, you can also make very large aquarium facilities such as a large fish tank in the ocean world. Acrylic fish tanks have not yet been popularized on a large scale, and they are still a niche aquatic product. The whole fish tank is transparent and has no joints, which is more beautiful and safer than ordinary glass fish tanks. It weighs less than one-fifth of the glass fish tank.
Basic characteristics of acrylic fish tank
1. Compared with ordinary glass fish tanks, acrylic fish tanks have better weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and stronger insulation.
2. The light transmission effect is good, up to 93%. At the same time, the light intensity of the fish tank is smaller, which can better save electricity.
3. Acrylic fish tanks have strong impact resistance, sixteen times that of ordinary glass fish tanks, and have a longer service life compared to similar types of fish tanks.
4. Compared with fish tanks of the same type, the weight of acrylic fish tanks is lighter, half that of glass fish tanks, and compared with ordinary fish tanks, it is more beautiful and more colorful.
5. The shape changes greatly, the plasticity is stronger, and the processing is easy to shape.
6. Acrylic fish tanks are easier to clean and more convenient to maintain than ordinary fish tanks. They have stronger weather resistance, higher nominal softness, better gloss and low temperature performance.
7. Acrylic fish tanks are more wear-resistant and not perishable.

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