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How to deal with the bending problem of acrylic sheet


How to solve the bending problem of acrylic plate? Vertical grinding method After bonding rod-shaped plexiglass or thick plate-shaped plexiglass, it is directly ground and polished on a grinding wheel. The handicraft built by this method is similar to a certain kind of sculpture, composed of colorful nominal shapes, forming a unique artistic image.

Break grinding method: Overlap and paste the plate-shaped plexiglass together, the Haikou apartment model, and then directly cut and grind the section to form. The plexiglass handicraft made by this method can get the effect of changing color and natural simplicity. Posting method: After cutting the plexiglass into a certain shape, post it on a flat surface.

Mosaic method: Cut the plexiglass blocks of different colors into the geometric shapes we need, and then inlay and splice them on the bottom plate. This method requires tight splicing and sharp edges and corners, so that the color can be intense and integrated. Heat simmering method: Process the plexiglass to a certain shape, heat the plexiglass, and directly make and knead the plexiglass by hand.

These methods imply that they should have a good idea of the composition beforehand, be agile, and strike while the iron is hot. The crafts made by this method have the advantages of bold lines and simple images. After the plexiglass plate is heated, it is formed by hot pressing in a mold. The handicrafts made by this modeling method are plump, curvilinear, strong three-dimensional, and have the effect of relief. The hot pressing mold can be shaped by wood and mortar, then cast lead, 3lian materials, and gypsum materials are used as the male and female molds. The organic glass can be pressed after heating.

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