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What should I do if the acrylic fish tank is accidentally scratched?


Acrylic fish tank scratches, don’t worry, in fact, compared to glass fish tank scratches, acrylic fish tank scratches are relatively easy to clean and solve. As long as the scratches are not very deep, they can be easily handled manually.
Learn the correct way to scratch an acrylic fish tank.
Next, let us prepare the following items for demonstration:

1. Two acrylic cleaning and maintenance gels.
2. Polishing cotton.
3. There are also paper tapes.

Rinse the fish tank with clean water, dry the water droplets with a clean cotton cloth for a few minutes, and then scratch the target frame with tape.

Squeeze the abrasive glue onto the polished cotton, or squeeze it onto the acrylic surface

Start polishing the frame, remember to polish it in a circle, if you feel that the abrasive is not enough, just fill it up and continue polishing.

After grinding, clean the surface grinder with clean water, but the surface is still oily. You can use your fingers to rinse with a very small amount of neutral lotion. After finishing, rinse and dry with clean water. This will achieve great success.

Tips: Acrylic grinding is used for humidity treatment of fine scratches. If it is a deep scratch, it may take a longer time to eliminate it. A small grinder may be needed.

Otherwise, your hands must be so sour as if you are eating a lemon, so, ah, choose the tools for cleaning the fish tank carefully, and pay attention to whether there are sand and stones in the cleaning.

Scratches on glass fish tanks are troublesome. Unless you have power tools at home, you need to use power tools to remove fine scratches or deep scratches.

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