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What is the difference between acrylic fish tank and glass fish tank?


1.Why do I think acrylic fish tanks are actually no different from glass fish tanks? Because this material is really light, like holding a plastic board in your hand. It's not heavy at all, and the knocking sound is also heavy. It is not as crispy as a glass fish tank. The glass fish tank is very heavy. An 80-year-old fish tank cannot be moved without two people lifting it together. Even if it moves, it is easy to accidentally break it. The weight of these two materials differs greatly.
2.The plasticity of the acrylic fish tank is relatively high. Generally speaking, there are many traditional hot-bent tanks on the market that are made of acrylic. But ordinary glass wants to bend, it takes a long time, it is very easy to fail, and it will be scrapped if you are not careful. Acrylic sheet is much softer than glass, and its plasticity is a hundred times stronger.
3.Acrylic fish tanks are relatively cheap. I have bought a glass jar before, and the price of the jar in 80 is more than 200. The cost of acrylic aquariums is relatively low, and the price will be lower.
4.But everything has two sides. The glass fish tank has a big advantage, that is, it is very durable. As long as you don't go too far, the glass fish tank won't have too many scratches. However, as long as the acrylic fish tank is slightly careless, scratches will appear. After all, acrylic aquariums are relatively soft, so they are easily scratched. It is not suitable to use algae removal knife when removing algae. It is generally troublesome to clean the algae with a sponge.
5.The glass aquarium is hard, durable and anti-aging. Generally speaking, the service life is longer than that of the aquarium.
6.They all have shortcomings, so what fish tank should I choose?
7.If it is a large fish tank to be landscaped, it should be turned into a grass tank. I suggest using a glass fish tank for more durability. Landscaping will inevitably have bumps and bumps. In addition, it paves the way for your fish tank care in the future. After all, the quality of the glass aquarium is better, and the service life is longer, so there is no need to change the tank in one or two years, which will be very troublesome. The glass aquarium can better solve this problem.
8.And if you just keep some fighting fish, some high-level or expert fish, then a small acrylic tank is more appropriate. The transparency of the acrylic fish tank is relatively high, and the condition of monoculture betta is also good. If a fish in a very good condition is kept in a container with a very good viewing effect, will its face value double? Moreover, fish like fighting fish have strong reproductive ability and love to fight. Acrylic tanks are very cheap, and a small single room can be arranged for each fish, which is very suitable.

9.Most ordinary glass fish tanks are used to raise some big fish or as a beautification fish tank. When choosing a large fish tank, it is made of glass, which can avoid frequent tank changes in the future and avoid the possibility of water leakage and collapse of the fish tank. Acrylic buckets can be used to keep fighting fish. It's easy to turn the big bucket, easy to raise fine products, and it can save a lot of money.

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