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Hotel Outdoor Acrylic Swimming Pool!


When you are in the outdoor acrylic swimming pool of Hotel, you can look out at the open field and the horizon is the boundary between the sky and the earth. The natural lines between the sky and the earth are lifted, and the outline of the city replaces the ground and creates a new junction with the sky—the skyline.

When the evening sun crosses the skyline, it shines on the face, the colorful lights are beginning to shine, and the colorful skylines are reflected in the sky, beautiful and stunning, giving people spiritual power. "Mirror flowers and water will never end. Ascend to enjoy the sun, moon and stars."

Hotel is located in the center of City . Created an outdoor acrylic swimming pool that overlooks the magnificent landscape of the entire urban area. The entire city has different forms and is full of elegance

As a shining star in modern architecture, the unique charm of acrylic swimming pools has become the new favorite of people on vacation and life. More and more hotels, homestays, villas, and high-end public places have begun to pay attention to acrylic swimming pools, outdoor acrylic swimming pool resorts such as Hainan Atlantis Hotel, Bali Ubud Hanging Garden Hotel, Santorini Hotel in Greece, Hainan Haitang Bay Sunshine One Hotel, etc. have become one after another online celebrity check-in locations. And integrating the outdoor acrylic swimming pool into the architectural design is the soul of the designer;

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