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The swimming pool from the sci-fi movie-Infinity London Acrylic Transparent Infinity Pool


According to reports, the world's first rooftop 360-degree infinity pool plan has been implemented and will be built in London. This 600,000-liter swimming pool is designed for a skyscraper in London, and you can enjoy the London skyline from all directions.

The project is called Infinity London-Infinity London;
The pool designed this time will use acrylic material instead of traditional glass. Most infinity pools flow out from one side, giving the illusion of combining with water. Infinity London is a rooftop infinity pool concept that extends in all directions-and will be the world's first 360-degree fully transparent infinity pool

Acrylic and water have a similar refractive index, so the overall appearance of the pool will be more clear and transparent. The bottom of the pool is also made of acrylic material, and hotel visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the sky above while watching the swimming.

Regarding the design of the swimming pool itself, there is no staircase outside the swimming pool. Instead, a spiral staircase is used to rise in the water to provide a passage for swimmers. As the swimming pool designer and technical director Alex Kemsley (Alex Kemsley) said: "We are facing some major technical challenges, the biggest of which is how to enter the swimming pool. The solution we proposed is based on the submarine door Design, and add a spiral staircase. When someone wants to get in and out, this staircase will rise from the floor of the swimming pool-this is definitely the forefront of swimming pool and architectural design. Entering or leaving the swimming pool is like walking directly out of a science fiction movie. . There is even a little taste of James Bond!

The swimming pool also contains a built-in anemometer that monitors the wind speed. The anemometer is connected to a computer-controlled building management system to ensure that the water in the pool is at an appropriate temperature and at the same time to ensure that the water is not blown onto the street below the building. The swimming pool is also equipped with an innovative heating system, which can capture the heat of the building’s air conditioning system, and then use the heat to heat the pool water

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