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Sky Pool

Kingsign sky pool is made from high-end quality acrylic panels, through cast block production, the window is UV resistant and with transparency reach up to 93%, can see the ground and surrounding scenes clearly. We warranty 30 years not yellowing for our sky pool.

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Product Description

Sky Pool

1.Why Acrylic panel for sky pool windows but not glass ?

First, the impact resistance of acrylic is very strong, 100 times that of glass and 16 times that of tempered glass, and the thickness of acrylic sheet can be over 800mm, and the safety factor increases exponentially. The swimming pool needs to withstand the dynamic pressure and wind pressure caused by water pressure, people flow and waves. This pressure is dynamic and uncontrollable. As a flexible polymer material, acrylic has excellent strength and toughness and resistance to bending and fracture. It is very suitable for this A complex stress environment. Tempered glass is relatively brittle and faces a complex pressure environment. Coupled with the influence of a series of outdoor environments such as sunshine, climate and temperature difference, the probability of nickel sulfide crystal expansion increases, which will increase the risk of self-explosion.

Second, the light transmittance of acrylic is very good, the light transmittance of general glass is 82%-89%, and the best ultra-white glass can only reach 89%. The light transmittance of acrylic is as high as 93%. Now many optical sights and high-precision optical lenses of cutting-edge weapons are made of acrylic. Acrylic is used in transparent swimming pools, aquariums, and aquarium projects. The transparent viewing surface is light and soft, and the visual effect is very gorgeous.

Third, acrylic also has good processing properties, can be machined and thermoformed, and can be seamlessly spliced on-site by injecting special formula stock solution, which can meet the requirements of larger-size transparent whole panels, and is not affected by transportation and space conditions. Tempered glass cannot be reprocessed, cut and spliced. The maximum size of tempered glass from manufacturers can reach 6.8m*2.5m. Because it cannot be seamlessly spliced, it cannot meet the requirements of larger-size transparent entire panels. Only acrylic can realized.

2.Sky Pool Windows Specification


100% virgin of Lucite or Mitsubishi MMA materials

HS code





Clear, transparent



Thickness:20-300mm cast block, 300-800mm laminated acrylic

Mold sizes of acrylic panel sizes:

















Any other sizes can custom by chemical bonding and bending

3.Sky Pool Windows Production and Feature

(1) Refined raw materials

(2) Cast Acrylic Sheet

(3) Cutting

(6) QC Inspection

(5) Multiple polishing

(4) Bond or bend

(7) Double film

(8) Packing

(9) Shipping

Kingsign Warranty:

1.100% virgin of Mitsubishi MMA new materials

2.UV resistant and warranty 30 years against yellowing

Kingsign technology:

1.Any shape and size custom production with our big size Automatic oven and Five-axis machining machine.

2.We chemical bonding acrylic sheets in factory into any customized angles, 90°120°180°... You design, we undertake the pool windows production according to the design. We guarantee that the raw materials fully integrated, strong enough, no bubbles, no yellowing at the joint place.

Kingsign service:

For very large projects, oversize or big water capacity, kingsign provides finite element analysis evaluation reports to confirm the safety sky pool acrylic windows thickness.

4.Delivery and product details

Delivery time: 7-25 days

Packing: Kingsign brand PE film on the double sides of acrylic pool windows, packed with iron pallets/frames.

Process: sky pool windows one long side surface polish and edge chamfer process.


Normal size can shipping by 20ft or 40ft containers.

Too big size acrylic pool windows need to ship by OT or FR containers.


Kingsign team provide the installation service or online installation training or installation Guidance Document .

1.Waterproof work

2.Silicone Glazing

3.On site chemical bonding work.

7.Finished swimming pool Photo album

Acrylic panels is easy to processing any shape, light weight, more impact resistant, acrylic swimming pool is a popular trend to replace glass swimming pool, it is hot to design as luxury sky swimming pool .

Application occasions: private villas, hotels, resorts, scenic spots, communities

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