clear acrylic tube

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  • Product name: acrylic tube , acrylic pipe, plexiglass tube
  • Quality: 100% virgin of Mitsubishi
  • MOQ: 100kg for extruded, 1 piece for cast
  • Brand: Kingsign
  • Shipping port: Shanghai
  • Payment terms: T/T, T/T+L/C
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    Raw material: 100% virgin of Mitsubishi ;

    Thickness: 4-110mm(cast), 0.5-4mm(extruded) ;

    Length: 2m for cast tube, any length for extruded tube ;

    Color: Transparent(93% transparency);

    Product number: KS-clear tube;

    Extruded tube out Diameter: please check as follows (mm),


    Extruded square tube out Diameter: please check as follows (mm),

    10*10,13*13,17*17,14*24,,18*20, 25*25,25*50,30*30,35*35,40*40, 50*50,55*55,60*60,67*67,65*105  80*80,100*100,125*130

    Extruded threaded tube out Diameter: please check as follows (mm),

    Φ9, Φ10 , Φ12 ,Φ16 , Φ19 ,Φ22 ,Φ25 , Φ28 ,Φ32 ,Φ35,Φ38,Φ51,Φ76,Φ90,Φ120 , Φ140,Φ205

    Cast tube out Diameter: please check as follows (mm),

    Φ50,Φ55,Φ60,Φ65,Φ70,Φ75,Φ80,Φ85,Φ90,Φ95,Φ100,Φ110,Φ120,Φ125,Φ130,Φ140,Φ145,Φ150,Φ160,Φ165,Φ170,Φ180,Φ190,Φ194,Φ200,Φ210,Φ216,Φ220,Φ225,Φ230,Φ240,Φ250,Φ260,Φ270,Φ280,Φ285,Φ290,Φ300,Φ305,Φ310,Φ320,Φ326,Φ328,Φ330,Φ340,Φ350,Φ352,Φ360,Φ370,Φ380,Φ388,Φ390,Φ400,Φ403,Φ420,Φ450,Φ454,Φ478,Φ500,Φ528,Φ532,Φ555,Φ556,Φ579,Φ600,Φ606, Φ629,Φ650,Φ700,Φ780,Φ800,Φ900,Φ1000,Φ1100

    The lengths of the above various specifications are both 2 meters in length. We also have the following specifications of 3 meters in length:  Φ200,Φ250,Φ280,Φ300,Φ320,Φ350,Φ400,Φ450,Φ500,Φ555,Φ600,Φ700,Φ800,Φ828,Φ900,Φ1000,Φ1200,Φ1500. 

    Among them, Φ1200 and Φ1500 are the largest plexiglass tubes in China at present. The thickness and color of all the above casting tubes can be customized according to customer requirements or according to customer requirements.

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